Senja roasters


Damn good coffee, always ethically sourced.

We have a roast that’s perfect for you, no matter what kinda creature you are.

For the late nighters, we are creating a wake me up brew for the morning after. Made for those of you who need to look fresher than you feel.
Coming soon.
For the solo pleasure seekers that have been “social distancing” your whole life. You’ll want to enjoy this coffee alone, in quiet, without any disruptions.
Coming soon.
For the seafarers we are developing a fishermans brew. For tough water folk who like their coffee as stronger than halibut.
Coming soon.
We know the growers farming practices

Import & distribution of green beans.
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So much goes into creating good coffee

Roast & distribution of roasted beans.
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Coffee should be made with love

Brew perfect cups of coffee in our café.
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Roasted in dramatic Senja.

Get great coffee delivered directly to your home.