Senja roasters


The most obvious thing about us is that we are international. We love Norway, we love Senja and we LOVE damn good coffee. We have a good sense of humour and are constantly describes ambitious. We are an eclectic group of good natured, friendly people who’ve drank way too much caffeine.

The second most important thing to know about us is that we care. We are a team of eco minded individuals that found each other by chance in the Arctic. We witnessing first hand the drastic impacts of climate change, like you, we feel the changes in the strength of polar lows, we sense the world around us is less predictable, warmer. In our personal lives, we are all actively reducing our carbon and methane footprints. Some of the ways this is done is by not flying, only eating plants, planning to reduce our consumption of energy and plastic and more. That’s why it is so important to us that we drink the most ethical coffee available and make sure that you can too, because now theres just other alternative.

Most people think that a group of deer is a herd. However, the correct terms are a bunch, a rangale, a parcel or a mod.

Juan. The big boss of this small bunch. Partnerships. Sales. Paperwork. Tasting. More.
Can do anything. They literally breed them tougher in Murmansk.

Maarit.Roaster. Taster. Product design. Logistics. Her hobbies into skiing, running & accounting.
Branding, graphics, web, media.
Thinking we should get into the Irish coffee market.
Daniela. Set up & everything cafe related. Likes big cups.

Photographer. Coffee taster. Handy-man & polar bear hugger.
Dramatic fjords in Senja

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