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Following our philosophy, Senja Roasters roasts all our specialty Costa Rica coffee in the south of Senja. Community is important to us. By roasting in rural Stonglandseidet, we are contributing to the creation of jobs in rural communities.

About coffee roasting

Coffee roasting is both an art and a science. It is the key process that drives this passion-filled industry forward. Beginning on open fires in Yemen, coffee roasting has transformed into a global enterprise, creating a lifestyle product loved the world over; its consumption is so ubiquitous that coffee is the third most traded commodity worldwide. It is a product with many varieties, from types of beans, region, altitude of growth and preparation method. These combined variables affect the flavour of the end product, and it is the roaster’s job to use their knowledge to bring out the best and diminish the worst in every bean.  

The process hinges on information and experience. The roaster needs to know everything possible about each bean and tap into their knowledge bank to create a roasting profile that will make great coffee. Of course, taste, like most senses, is subjective, and not everybody likes the same thing. One of the ways to gauge differences in preferences is by understanding the types of roasting.  

People living rurally shouldn’t miss out on life’s delicious pleasures

Learn about different roast types here.

Though the roasting process is highly nuanced, a skilled roaster can work with the beans to create a variety of different roasts with the same beans. Thus, creating many different aromas and tastes from the one product. The key now is to drink as much as possible to find the type of coffee you enjoy the most.  

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