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My favourite coffee & cake combination

Specialty coffee, I need you.

Why should you care who is our main grower and why it’s important to choose ethical coffee? As the purchasing power is on the consumers, you need to be informed to ensure you purchase ethically

You need to know the grower.

When it comes to the complex specialty coffee production and consumption process, you are also an active participant of it. Consumers play a significant role in choosing ethical ways of purchasing specialty coffee. In Senja Roasters we care about sustainable approach to green coffee production and transportation. We buy green coffee directly from the Santa …

Grind coffee just before brewing.

It is extremely important to minimise the time between the grinding and the brewing processes and there are several reasons why. Ground coffee reacts with oxygen and loses all its complex flavours. The more time passes the more tasteless and odourless coffee becomes. Moisture also significantly influences the taste of coffee. As soon as the …

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