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Importing Coffee – The Green Beans

In line with our philosophy, Senja Roasters imports direct from the grower in Costa Rica. This is the only way to ensure the beans are sustainably grown, the workers are fairly paid with fair working conditions and the farmer gets paid market value for the beans. Bypassing the middle agent ensure the money goes where it should go, to the green bean growers in the Costa Rican countryside.

There are many different factors that impact specialty coffee and grading. The specialty coffee produced can be divided into these three categories: washed, natural and honies. Each of these categories has many different subcategories such as red honie. These are all different grades of specialty coffee and greatly impact the flavours you’ll brew. Our main import is washed SHB green beans, as the flavours derived from these beans are favoured by Norwegians.

Interested in learning more about our green beans or prices?

Green beans packed and ready to ship from Costa Rica to Stonglandseidet
Farmer processing the green beans
Views from Senja, because we can’t get enough of it!

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