Interested in brewing your own damn good coffee?
Then you’ve landed in the right place. Good coffee should be enjoyed everyday. Treat yo’ self at home with every sip with these two tasty roasts. Our two most popular roasts are now available to purchase online. Buy coffee from our online store and get it straight to your mailbox. We ship to all of Norway & beyond.

Frøy’s all day glory

Damn good filter roast

City roast│Costa Rica│Washed SHB 1350+m.o.s.l│200g

Frøy’s all-day glory is a washed single-origin coffee from the west and central valleys of Costa Rica. A strictly hard bean grown at 1350 metres above sea level. It is a balanced and juicy coffee with a wonderful texture complemented with a sweet fruity taste. 

Frøy’s all-day glory is a city roast, bringing forth caramel and nutty flavours without damaging the sweetness and fruity notes of the bean’s origin. Frøy’s all-day glory is a coffee best enjoyed with a filter machine, French press, or pour-over brewing methods. A perfect daily drink to start your mornings or provide an extra boost throughout the day. 

Frøy’s kick-ass fix

Damn good espresso blend

Medium roast│Costa Rica & Colombia│Washed SHB│1350-2200+m.o.s.l│200g

Frøy’s kick-ass fix is an espresso blend from our specialty Costa Rican SHB and a Colombian volcanic reserve grown at 2200 metres above sea level. The blend offers an intense hit of espresso with a bold, balanced taste. A sweet and rich flavour abides with low acidity. The crema of the espresso is beautifully creamy and textured, creating a softness to the aftertaste. 

Frøy’s kick-ass fix is a medium roast, delivering the body and flavour expected of espresso without sacrificing the exquisite aroma and taste of the beans. If you are looking for a powerful coffee kick full of flavour to kick start your day or get you over the midday slump, Frøy’s kick-ass fix will deliver what you need.