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Frøy’s Kick-Ass Fix

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Frøy’s Kick-Ass Fix is a washed specialty coffee from Costa Rica.



Frøy’s Kick-Ass Fix is an espresso from our specialty Costa Rican SHB. It offers an intense hit of espresso with a bold, balanced taste. A sweet and rich flavour abides with low acidity. The crema of the espresso is beautifully creamy and textured, creating a softness to the aftertaste. Frøy’s Kick-Ass Fix is a medium roast, delivering the body and flavour expected of espresso without sacrificing the exquisite aroma and taste of the beans. If you are looking for a powerful coffee kick full of flavour to kick-start your day or get you over the midday slump, Frøy’s Kick-Ass Fix will deliver what you need.

Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate & Roasted almonds

Origin: Costa Rica 

Roast: Medium

Beans: Caturra & Catuai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1350 m.o.s.l.

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Weight 200 g