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Frøy’s Secret Weapon – AQUAVIT COFFEE

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Frøy’s secret weapon – AQUAVIT COFFEE
is part of our compilation suite of various alchemically experimented coffees


Frøy’s Secret Weapon
In collaboration with Aurora Spirit Distillery

Frøy’s Secret Weapon is a suite of alchemically experimented coffee. For this range we have teamed up with our friends in the hooch game to age our washed SHB Costa Rican coffee in their casks. Doing this allows the beans to absorb the flavours of different distilled or fermented beverages prior to roasting. Once aged to perfection, they are then roasted, drawing out the combined flavours of the coffee along with the specific drink it was aged with. Frøy’s Secret Weapon is a cooperative mash-up of your favourite nightcaps and coffee to be enjoyed as a daily drink, special occasions, or a gift for someone special.

N.B. Frøy Secret Weapon contains no alcohol in the finished product.

Roast: City

Beans: Caturra & Catuai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1350+ m.a.s.l.

Weight: 200 grams

Additional information

Weight N/A
I want my Coffee as

Ground, Whole Bean

Brewing method

AeroPress, French Press, Filter Machine, Others



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