Senja roasters

You need to know the grower. Make an Impact.

When it comes to the complex specialty coffee production and consumption process, you are also an active participant of it. Consumers play a significant role in choosing ethical ways of purchasing specialty coffee. In Senja Roasters we care about sustainable approach to green coffee production and transportation. We buy green coffee directly from the Santa Anita farm located in western sector of Costa Rica’s central valley. One of our founders is related to the farmers’ family and Santa Anita is our one and only supplier. Mills and administration offices are solar powered and it is the first carbon neutral certified coffee farm in Costa Rica. Our farm is the only agricultural operation in Costa Rica with this score of certifications. How better can you get?! The answer is a simple one. You can’t. Therefore you support us but also our farm in Costa Rica. Check out what we have in store for you

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