Senja roasters

Specialty coffee, I need you.

Specialty coffee is high-quality green coffee grown in unique microclimatic conditions. Before it ends up in your cup, beans go through different stages, starting from the farm. The whole process is complex and requires a lot of attention from all the participants so that you can enjoy the final result. Growing on high altitudes is essential when it comes to high-quality coffee. Before becoming a tree, a coffee plant has to be nursed in special conditions. After several years of trees growing, coffee cherries (inside which there is a precious coffee bean) can be picked. By different processing methods coffee beans get separated from cherries to further be dried, sectioned, packed and exported. The quality of specialty coffee is rated by professionals (certified Q-graders) and varies between 80 to 100 points depending on the number of raw beans’ defects. After this long process, roasters are taking over to bring the best flavours out of specialty coffee and deliver it directly to you. In Senja Roasters we have a goal that sounds quite simple: we want to bring you a better coffee. To achieve that we take as much control as possible over every step and we do it with passion.