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Locally roasted Coffee & Cakes – The Best Combo To Enjoy

What do you consider when choosing a coffee and cake combination? Do you choose the coffee or the cake first? Perhaps you select them independently of each other?
Our locally roasted coffee & cakes made fresh for you to try in our café/restaurant in Stonglandseidet, Senja.

Ultimately, there is no wrong choice; taste is subjective. But for those of you looking to explore your coffee palette, we are here to help match your cake to your coffee choice 🙂

Our favourite coffee and cake pair is definitely a rich espresso with a rich chocolate flourless cake or brownie.

– Senja Roasters

An espresso is a concentrated and dynamic drink, which goes well with the rich flavour of chocolate. This combination gives drinkers full bodied experience. We have our own espresso roast that you can enjoy in house or you can brew it at home. Our espresso roast is Frøy’s kick-ass fix – you can read about it here.

For coffee lovers who prefer a lighter coffee experience, with either a long black, or one with milk such as a latte, cappuccino or flat white – we’d suggest to pair it with a light cake or tart, such as a fruit tart, or a lemon or orange cake. These lighter flavours sit well together on your palette and one flavour doesn’t take over the others.

Brownie with filter coffee – Frøy’s all day glory

We’d suggest that you try our suggestion, then the next time try the opposite and see if you notice a difference in how the flavours interact with each other.

Would you like to know why it is important to grind coffee right before brewing? Find out more here.

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